5 Days Of Change - Sugar Habits

5 Days Of Change – Stop sugar calling the shots!

I’m Alice, a qualified Nutritionist and Health Champion, oh and also a former Nurse. I have been where you are now and through making considered and sustainable changes to my daily food and lifestyle habits I became healthier and happier and I want you to have that too!

During the 5 Days of Change, which starts on Monday 14th June 2021, you will receive:

  • 5 daily supportive emails full of information on listening to your body, how to identify your sugar habits and decide on the changes you want to make
  • You will be invited to an exclusive online meeting where you can ask me direct questions and get support and feedback on the changes you want to make as if I am in the room with you.
  • You will also have the benefit of being part of an inspiring Facebook group where you can share and grow with others who are making healthy changes to their lifestyle.

“How much?” I hear you ask: It’s completely FREE

Your 5 Days Of Change – Sugar Habits starts on Monday 14th June:

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