I’m working on an online programme right now.

Watch this space.  

  • Have you tried to lose weight but it never quite works?
  • Do you always have coffee in the morning?
  • Are you constantly reaching for sweet treats to keep you going?
  • Are crisps your “go to” snack? Or is it chocolate?
  • Do you have a family history of diabetes or know you are at risk?
  • Do you have an afternoon slump?
  • Are you just finding it hard to keep up with life?

Here is what people are saying…

“The information I have received on this program has been valuable and definitely made me stop and think; I haven’t substituted chocolate as a quick meal, I am more conscious in what I put in my body.” Tracey

“Since I took part in your 7 day cravings course I have not binged at all !! Before I would eat a whole box of Maltesers, any large quantities of anything sweet really… To be honest I felt quite satisfied and content, but then I’d want the same thing day after day, most days, but I knew it couldn’t continue as I put half a stone on really quickly and knew it wasn’t doing doing my body any good.
( forgot to say Alice that I have also lost about 5 lbs as well ) ! 😊 Mandy