About Me

In my twenties I trained as a nurse at Charing Cross Hospital, London. Once qualified I specialised in Diabetes.

More recently I have had to work hard to restore my own health following a period of serious illness in 2011. This involved my thyroid and adrenal glands which had gradually been deteriorating for 2 years. After 18 months of visiting doctors and failing to respond to prescribed medication I realised that conventional medicine had no more to offer and decided to look at other options.  After working in the NHS this was a tough decision.

In 2014 I started training as a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and qualified in 2017. I went on to qualify as a Naturopath in 2018. I started seeing clients in 2017.

Having worked hard to help myself, with extensive learning and research, I now have more energy to pursue my dream of supporting other people to develop a healthier lifestyle and overcome chronic illness. I just love helping people to feel better both in themselves and about themselves!

I am passionate about creating food that encourages people to eat well, enjoy their food and be healthy into the bargain. I am happiest when cooking in the kitchen at home to develop new recipes. I love supporting people to feel better about themselves. My expert knowledge is with diabetes and thyroid which so many women have problems with particularly around childbearing and menopause. I work with groups and individuals and use my extensive learning to help people balance their hormones, increase their energy and feel amazing.


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