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So why is protein so important?
Most people eat enough protein to prevent deficiency but some individuals would do better to have a much higher protein intake such as in pregnancy, states of ill health (other than kidney disease) or those recovering from injury.
When it comes to why I am suggesting a good protein intake for cutting the cravings it
reduces appetite and hunger levels
reduces cravings and the desire for late night snacking
boosts metabolism and increases fat burning
helps maintain weight loss
and for taking better care of yourself the body uses protein
for growth and repair of tissues
for enzymes – enzymes are proteins that allow key reactions to take place. Digestion, energy production, blood clotting and muscle contraction all depend on enzymes
for hormones such as insulin (uptake of sugar into cells) and glucagon (breakdown of stored sugar in liver)
for structure, strength and elasticity (essential for movement)
for maintaining acid/base balance (vital to good health)
for fluid balance (helps lower blood pressure)
for antibodies to protect your body from foreign invaders
for storage such as ferritin for iron storage

So you can see why your protein intake is vital. Remember you need to eat 1g per kg body weight


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