Brain fog, fatigue, chest pain, gut issues (both mild and severe), pneumonia, long term change in taste:  these are all symptoms of Long COVID and it appears that every person is different.  In a Facebook Group of 60,000 people no 2 people are presenting with the same...

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Diabetes – The Dawn Phenomenon

 Dawn Phenomenon and the Somogyi Effect The dawn phenomenon and the Somogyi effect cause high blood sugar levels, especially in the morning before breakfast, in people who have diabetes. Dawn phenomenon The dawn phenomenon is a normal rise in blood sugar as a person's...

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Simple suggestions to stay well over Christmas and into the New Year

Earlier in the month I shared an article in the Times “How to avoid hangovers, colds and tiredness in party season”. It was a subscription article so I said I would write my version of it for you.

Anna Maxted said in the article that you can make it through without getting exhausted and ill.

So here is my take on staying well over the next couple of weeks.

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Why is breakfast so important?

One of my clients recently posted saying that she had skipped breakfast because she wasn't hungry. When you skip breakfast your body relies on cortisol (the stress hormone) to access sugar from storage for energy. If you are already stressed this just adds to it. I...

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Weight gain and diabetes

What is it that is causing this epidemic that is leading to masses of people getting Type 2 Diabetes?

Is it fat or is it sugar? Or is it just the way we eat?

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Why is protein important?

So why is protein so important? Most people eat enough protein to prevent deficiency but some individuals would do better to have a much higher protein intake such as in pregnancy, states of ill health (other than kidney disease) or those recovering from injury. When...

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