August Newsletter

It's just your age! No, it's not.  You have some control over your energy levels.  I have had several people say to me recently that they are feeling tired and then follow it up with "Well I am getting on a bit."  I can tell you honestly that I have more energy than I...

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July Newsletter

Wow, is it the end of July, already?  Where did that go? I've been busy supporting clients this month and many of them are diabetic. I love helping diabetics, my experience as a Diabetic Specialist, when nursing, helps me to empower them to manage their blood sugars...

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June Newsletter

Diabetes - A blessing or a curse? The first client I had when I was training was a woman in her 80s who had just been told she was pre-diabetic.  She was quite fit and mobile for her age and carried a bit of extra weight round her middle. I asked her to complete a...

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May Newsletter

I do hope you've been enjoying the sunshine.  Vitamin D has been mentioned a lot in the press over the last week or 2, so I decided to write a blog post about it.  Why not have a read and find out if it's something you need to be concerned about? Most people know that...

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April Newsletter

Hi How are you doing?  How are you finding lockdown?  I find my feelings are mixed, some of the time I really enjoy the peace and quiet and the fact that there is less pressure and other times it begins to get to me.  I think what gets to me is not being able to get...

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March Newsletter

Wow!  What a difference a month makes. Hi  How are you doing?  How are you finding being at home or are you still going out to work?  Are you struggling with motivation or staying positive right now? Join me for an hour with Alice every Tuesday morning at 11am I have...

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October – “I’m so excited”

Well we are nearing the end of October, how time flies.

I’m so excited with the work I’ve been doing this month getting ready to launch our 2020 summer retreat in Sweden. You just have to see this place to believe how peaceful it is. It’s hard to describe how it makes you feel. You really need to experience it for yourself.

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