How are you doing?  How are you finding lockdown?  I find my feelings are mixed, some of the time I really enjoy the peace and quiet and the fact that there is less pressure and other times it begins to get to me.  I think what gets to me is not being able to get together with friends and colleagues.  How about you?  Do you feel like that or do you have different feelings altogether?

I thought it might help to tell you about what I’ve been working on.  You may have seen my Facebook lives in which I focus on little things you can do to help you in those moments like I just described.  The ones where this situation is starting to get you down.  Things like Vitamin C and Vitamin D to support the immune system and making sure you are drinking enough water because stress causes dehydration and even if you don’t feel stressed there is likely to be some underlying stress right now just because of the situation that we are in. I have put all these bits together in a Blog here –

The other thing I thought you might like is my recipe for the cake I made this weekend.  It’s one of the ways I’ve found to cheer everyone up without being too indulgent or too sugary.  It adds a little cheer to meals to have a slice of cake to finish off.  It’s a lovely Indian spice taste and we usually have it with a spoonful of coconut yoghurt.  I thought you might like to try it.


Did you know I’d been arranging a get together on Tuesday mornings?  I’ve had a few friends round (virtually on Zoom that is) and we’ve been sharing our experiences during lockdown, then having a moment of calm, a meditation or a breathing practice followed by a general chat about taking care of ourselves and each other while we’re at home.  Would you like to join us for “An hour iwith Alice?  It would be great to see you if you would.  Just click on this link to take you there at 11am on Tuesday morning or better still copy and paste the link into your diary so you’re ready to go!

Enough from me for now.  Hope you are keeping well.  It would be great to hear from you about how you’re doing.  Stay safe and look after yourself.

Best wishes
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