It’s just your age!

No, it’s not.  You have some control over your energy levels.  I have had several people say to me recently that they are feeling tired and then follow it up with “Well I am getting on a bit.”  I can tell you honestly that I have more energy than I had 10 years ago and that’s because I have learned what it is that causes my energy to drop.

So have a think first about the things you can influence in your life that cause your energy to drop and why that happens.  The first thing that comes to mind for me, not surprisingly, is what you put in your mouth.  The food you eat and the fluids you drink.

In September I’ve been asked to join a DoTerra group to support them going through a cleanse programme.  It’s a 30 day programme that supports every aspect of gut health and therefore your physical and mental health in general.

Yes, your gut has a huge influence on how you feel both physically and mentally and that means what passes your lips also has a profound effect.

So to start you off, why not write down everything you are eating and drinking for 3 days.  I get all my clients to do this before they work with me (they do 7 days but I thought 3 days might be enough for starters).  Of course, this is partly for me to see what’s going on but it’s also for them to be honest with themselves about what goes in their mouth.

Very often clients know, they come to me and say, “I’ve noticed the amount of snacks” or “I don’t drink enough”.  What will you come up with?

It’s a really interesting exercise.  I’d love you to feed back on what you find. Email me on here and please do get in touch if you need help with it.  Always happy to help.

My work with diabetes has led me to doing another interview, this time for Nutritional Therapists, talking about how I empower diabetics to get back in control of their blood sugars.  I’m also talking about diabetes on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire for a second time on Monday afternoon.  How exciting is that?

Empowering Diabetes – download my eBook here

I’ve also attracted several more clients with thyroid issues, this is another passion of mine.  My thyroid was a big problem 10 years ago and it’s taken a whole lot of hard work getting my body back into balance but, as I said earlier, I feel fitter and stronger than I did 10 years ago, probably actually 20 years ago.

I love empowering people to feel better both in and about themselves.  It’s exciting to see the journey they go on and the person that emerges at the other end.

I so want to hear your feedback on the food diary, please do let me know.

We seem to be getting cabbage most weeks in the veg box at the moment so I thought I’d share this one with you.  This is so tasty that my hostess this weekend asked for the recipe after I cooked it for them on Saturday night, she had a second helping so I don’t think she was just being polite.  You can use onions instead of leeks, or instead of shallots and you can add nutmeg instead of caraway so it’s very versatile.

Find the recipe here

It’s a great way of getting your greens and makes cabbage into a truly tasty dish.  It keeps once cooked so you can make it in advance.  Let me know how you get on.

See you in September.

Look after yourselves until then.

Best wishes,
Help me Healthy Nutrition