Well we’re nearly there and I’ve been making mince pies.  Well gluten free mince pies to be fair, so I’ve included the recipe here so you can try them incase you need to be gluten free.  Or you would prefer a lighter version of your festive favourites.

Once Christmas is over will you be thinking about how to start the New Year?  

Will you be making New Year’s resolutions regarding your weight or your health generally?

Are you someone who makes them and never manages to maintain the momentum?

Why does it take a shock like dis-ease to make us take notice of our body?  Is your body giving you little warnings like bloating or indigestion?  Work on them now it’s much easier I promise.

Health is the foundation of everything.  If we are not well we have nothing, no energy, fuzzy brain, no patience, no ability to earn, what else – we find it hard to have fun!  What more can I say?

Look after yourself now and the future will be a better place.

All the best