My friend Lorraine was told a year ago that she needed to take notice of her body.  She had high blood sugar and was overweight, among other things.  She was tired and struggling to get through the day.  Is this you?  Or something like this?

Are you tired all the time?  Sick of being bloated?  Or want the energy to go out in the evenings?  Do you love going to the gym? Or do you just sit at your desk all day?

What is it that makes us take notice of our health?  It took a complete shut down for me to listen to my body 9 years ago.  Is that what it will take for you or will you hear those warning signs and do something about them?  I hope not.

Your body has amazing powers to heal itself and that is what Nutrition is.  It is the gift that we give our bodies to allow them to repair and get us back to full capacity.  Sometimes it needs a bit more than food, sometimes food is enough.  It doesn’t have to be radical, just simple changes to established habits to create a new way of looking after ourselves.

Look after yourself now and the future will be a better place.

All the best