Wow!  What a difference a month makes.
How are you doing?  How are you finding being at home or are you still going out to work?  Are you struggling with motivation or staying positive right now?
Join me for an hour with Alice every Tuesday morning at 11am
I have started a virtual get together on Tuesday mornings at 11am for a moment of calm, some chat and some help looking after yourself easily at home.  If you would like to join me lease join my Facebook Group where you will find the details.  I look forward to seeing you there.
So far I’ve done pretty well with keeping myself motivated but I found it hard to get going is morning.  I got totally inspired by my last client call, she just had her first week of normal blood sugar levels for over 2 years.  We’ve been working together for just 5 weeks.  Amazing work by her (helped just a little by me!).  How about you?  
What is it that makes us take notice of our health?  Is it slowing down like we have been forced to do right now or is it being really ill and realising that you haven’t been looking after yourself properly.  It took a complete shut down for me to listen to my body 9 years ago.  Is that what it will take for you or will you hear those warning signs and do something about them?  
Your body has amazing powers to heal itself and that is what Nutrition is.  It is the gift that we give our bodies to allow them to repair and get us back to full capacity.  Sometimes it needs a bit more than food, sometimes food is enough.  It doesn’t have to be radical, just simple changes to established habits to create a new way of looking after ourselves.
Look after yourself now and the future will be a better place.
I want to help you to look after yourself over the course of the next weeks and months that you will be isolated from others and potentially cooking when you haven’t before or using ingredients that you’ve never used before because there’s not much on the shelf.
You could try the soup recipe that I posted last month 
You can put in just about any selection of vegetables but please do send me a message if you would like some help.  I’d be happy to support you cooking it.  It really is as easy as that to make a good soup.  Why not try it?  I had it for lunch and it was super tasty.  It’s a great way to up your vegetable intake and this one had plenty of protein as well with lentils and peas.
March Recipe
I thought I’d give you a recipe for a vegetable that is available and in season at the moment which not everyone buys so is quite often left behind when other veg have become rather scarce.  So that is Cavolo Nero – Black cabbage!
This one was an inspiration the other night when I managed to buy a beautiful fresh bunch of Cavolo Nero, still on the stalk and wanted to cook it quickly.  We had it with some white fish, also fresh, straight from the fishmonger.
2 tbs olive oil
2 medium onions
6 medium white mushrooms
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp coriander
1 tsp black mustard seeds
½ tsp turmeric
8-10 leaves cavolo nero
Start by finely chopping the onions and adding them to a large pan with the olive oil and a pinch of salt (this stops them burning).  Add the mustard seeds first and allow them to cook over a medium heat for a minute or so before adding the other spices.  Stir regularly until the onions have softened.  While doing this you can chop the mushrooms into small cubes (<1cm).  Once the onions have softened add the mushrooms to the pan with some salt and black pepper and turn the heat down.  Stir occasionally while you chop up the Cavolo Nero.  There’s a knack to this, use a long bladed knife and strip the knife down the side of the stalk on both sides, discard the stalks.  Once you have stripped all the leaves then shred them by cutting across the length of the leaf.  Now you can add the leaves to the pan and stir together with the mushrooms and onions.  
Add a splash of water and put the lid on.  This will allow the Cavolo Nero to steam and soften and take on the flavour of the spices.  Cook until the greens are tender and voila.  Enjoy!  
If you have any questions about cooking in the next few weeks please do get in touch.  If you need inspiration I’d be happy to help put together a tasty dish with the ingredients you have in the house.
Stay safe everyone.
Best wishes
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