“Like red cabbage – you’ll love this!”


Christmas is creeping up on us as it always does. Try out this amazing recipe as part of your Christmas festivities. We just loved it.

Well, we are nearing the end of November now so I think I can get away with talking about Christmas don’t you? Though I find it hard to deal with Christmas in September!

This month I’ve been helping lots of people to deal with sugar cravings through my FaceBook programmes and in the New Year I will be doing more of this. I will also be launching a new 7 day programme which includes some simple steps to help people keep calm and up their energy. More on that next month.

Let’s start our keep calm and up the energy by suggesting you think about booking yourself a break for next year. This could be a weekend with friends or a few days away without the kids, or it could be an amazing week in Sweden with some friends eating lots of lovely food, relaxing by the lake, walking in the forest and doing yoga in the evening sun. Sound good? Take a look at our website for more info.

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This month I am running a really interesting workshop with my lovely friend Lorraine from South London Ferments, Lorraine will show us how kimchi is made and give us all a sample to take home. Lorraine has had an amazing health and weight loss journey in the last year. This is the first of our joint workshops to talk about using fermented foods to help with gut health and our winter wellbeing.

Workshop details
Friday 29th November 2019
FC Wellbeing Cafe East Dulwich
Gut Health for winter wellbeing with Kimchi demonstration

Why does it take a shock like dis-ease to make us take notice of our body? Is your body giving you little warnings like bloating or indigestion? Or maybe itchy eyes or itchy skin? Work on them now it’s much easier I promise.

Health is the foundation of everything. If we are not well we have nothing, no energy, fuzzy brain, no patience, no ability to earn, what else – we find it hard to have fun! What more can I say?

Look after yourself now and the future will be a better place.

Remember if you’re at all concerned about your health and would like to have a chat then you can book in a 20 minute FREE call by replying to this email.

Your November recipe – true comfort food. Enjoy!

Spiced red cabbage with walnuts

One whole red cabbage (shredded and soaked in cold water for at least an hour)
2 medium red onions – finely sliced
One large bramley cooking apple – peeled cored and sliced
½ tsp cinnamon powder
½ tsp ground cloves
2” fresh ginger peeled and grated
2 dessertspoons dark molasses brown sugar
2/3 cloves garlic crushed – depending on size
½ tsp ground nutmeg
2-3 oz cranberries
200g walnut halves
2 tablespoons Apple cider vinegar
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

You will need a large pan with a lid.

Soften the onion in the olive oil over a medium heat. Once the onion is softened add in the garlic and all the spices and fry gently for a further minute. Now add the apple and coat well in the spice mixture. Next add all the cabbage and stir well. Finish by adding the water, wine, vinegar, walnuts and cranberries, add a little salt and pepper and stir again until thoroughly mixed through.

Bring to the boil and simmer gently for an hour checking occasionally that it’s not burning.

This is quite a large amount but it last for several days in the fridge and tastes just as good warmed up for a quick and comforting meal. We had it with roast broccoli and mash made with purple skin sweet potatoes. It was really tasty.

Coming up:
Friday 29th November 2019
FC Wellbeing Cafe East Dulwich
Gut Health for winter wellbeing with Kimchi demonstration

From 10-17 June 2020 we will be running a “Relax and Restore” retreat with healthy nutritious foods, nutrition workshops, yoga, forest walking and cycling, open water swimming and chilling and chatting!

I have joined up with my wonderful friend Tiffani Vinyard who is a Reiki and Shamanic healer as well as a Nutritional Therapist to bring you 7 days of bliss, doing what you choose in the beautiful surroundings of the Hokensas Nature Reserve in Sweden. This place is amazing.

Any questions just email me. It’s got to be worth it.


Have a great few weeks. See you again in December.

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