“I’m so excited…”


Well we are nearing the end of October, how time flies.

I’m so excited with the work I’ve been doing this month getting ready to launch our 2020 summer retreat in Sweden. You just have to see this place to believe how peaceful it is. It’s hard to describe how it makes you feel. You really need to experience it for yourself.

So if you are tired of feeling tired, fed up with the daily grind or constantly reaching for sweet treats then this place is for you. If you would like to make some healthy additions to your diet and lifestyle come along and find out how. If you just fancy some “ME” time why not take a look. Imagine that midnight sun over the lake and think how restored you could feel!

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To find out more

The other thing I am excited about is the opportunity to work with more of you lovely people to help you “Cut the cravings and take better care of yourselves”. I am just coming to the end of my most recent 30 day programme to balance your hormones and get back your energy. I will be starting my next complimentary programme on 28th October. If you missed out last time then why not give this a go

FREE 7 day programme to
“Cut the cravings and take better care of yourself”

Do you reach for the coffee in the morning or fall asleep at your desk around 3pm?

Then this programme is for you.

Are crisps your “go to” snack? Or is it chocolate?

Do you have a family history of diabetes or know you’re at risk then it’s for you as well.

If you want to know more just click the link below. This is an opportunity to take better care of yourself.

Join up now and I’ll be in touch on Monday 28th October to help you with tips and tricks to feel at your best throughout the day.

I’ll help you to work out how to have the energy you want to do the things you love.

We’ll even discuss when it’s OK to eat cake!

Click below to find out more.

7 Day Programme

Your October recipe to warm you through the autumn with seasonal veg – butternut/queen or red onion squash

Roast Squash with tahini and pine nut dressing

One queen/butternut or red onion squash
6-8 shallots or 3 red onions
2/3 cloves garlic
Salt and black pepper

I dsp tahini
2-3 tbs olive oil
1 tbs apple cider vinegar or lemon juice
A little hot water
2 tbs Pine nuts (or toasted sesame seeds)

Peel and cube squash (2cm cubes) and finely slice onions along the grain. Place in large roasting tin with olive oil and garlic, toss all together until well covered with oil and add salt and pepper.

Roast until squash is caramelising (brown bits on squash and onions) for approx 45 mins at 175 degrees Centigrade.

Make dressing by combining ingredients in a jam jar or mug. You will need to add a bit of hot water to loosen it once it thickens.

Place roasted veg in a serving dish and drizzle dressing over and serve.
Can be eaten hot or still tasty eaten cold the next day!

Coming soon
Friday 29th November 2019
FC Wellbeing Cafe East Dulwich
Gut Health for winter wellbeing with Kimchi demonstration

From 10-17 June 2020 we will be running a “Relax and Restore” retreat with healthy nutritious foods, nutrition workshops, yoga, forest walking and cycling, open water swimming and chilling and chatting!

I have joined up with my wonderful friend Tiffani Vinyard who is a Reiki and Shamanic healer as well as a Nutritional Therapist to bring you 7 days of bliss, doing what you choose in the beautiful surroundings of the Hokensas Nature Reserve in Sweden. This place is amazing.

Need some peace and quiet, some “me” time.


Have a great few weeks. See you again in November.

All the best

Remember if you’re at all concerned about your health and would like to have a chat then you can book in a 20 minute FREE call by replying to this email.