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Hi, I’m Alice and I’m Help me Healthy Nutrition, well that’s how I introduce myself these days.  Helping you to be happy and healthy in these tricky times.

I believe that, even in the difficult circumstances that we face right now, healthy habits change lives. By making simple sustainable changes to your day to day food and lifestyle, I can help you to believe in the possibility of continued wellness into old age.

Centred on my belief that the body has the ability to heal itself based on personal experience I work with you on a 63 day programme and help you to gradually introduce new habits that you can continue to incorporate in your every day life.

My one to one programme

With experience as a diabetic specialist nurse and extensive knowledge of thyroid conditions I believe that keeping our blood sugar stable is key to being healthy. Introducing a way of life to do this can truly help you to balance your hormones, increase your energy and feel amazing.

I am currently working with several people to help them manage their diabetes one habit at a time.  Supporting them with advice on food, movement and mindset.  My passion for helping to reduce the incidence of complications from diabetes has led me to produce an ebook which is free for anyone to download.

Are you diabetic, prediabetic or worried about getting diabetes?
Confused about what to do to stay healthy?

Download my simple guide here and learn how to feel well with diabetes.

Download your Diabetes ebook here

I am so passionate about helping the body to heal itself I now work with DoTerra Essential Oils using their unique qualities for a wide range of uses from improving mood, stabilising hormones and helping sleep.

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  • Are you constantly tired and think it may be more than just age but your blood tests are ‘normal’?
  • Are your menopause symptoms getting you down but you don’t really want to go on HRT?
  • Are you always worrying and get anxious about just about everything and want a moment of calm?
  • Do you have diabetes and struggle to keep your blood sugar down?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes then please do get in touch to find out how my programme would work for you.



“I’ve been struggling with my energy & diet for some time, and thought that I should be feeling far better as I considered myself in “reasonable” shape, despite carrying extra weight.
When I first chatted to Alice & described my situation & answered her questions, she gave me some thoughts on what the issues were, & it was like a lightbulb had come on – she described how I was feeling, and explained the likely causes, and that gave me confidence that she could help me.
I found the weekly check-ins really helpful as I need accountability, and we could assess on a regular basis what was working and what needed tweaking or adding.
Alice has an enormous pool of knowledge and used that to help me start to regain control of my health. I know it took a while to get to where I was and I’ll need to work on things for some time, and I need to continue the lifestyle changes to keep getting healthier, but Alice has made that seem less of a challenge. She is so knowledgeable, supportive and empathetic, and I enjoy working with her. I really recommend her!”
TR, SW London

November 2020

What really worked for me was the gradual approach and positive reinforcement from Alice. It’s the type of encouragement I needed. It felt really quite easy to introduce new habits to my routine (or lack of) and as I felt better and better, had more and more motivation and energy I found it easier and easier. The regular calls were both a reminder and a boost. I found myself looking forward to them, knowing that I’d done well and would be praised for it. On the odd week when I’d had less success I knew I’d receive helpful suggestions and kind reassurances.

I have recommended Alice to my friends. I’ve celebrated being able to get into smaller old clothes (and new ones I’d bought for motivation) by sending selfies to a close group of my friends. I told them about the research, tailored approach and support I received, the 5 kilos I’ve lost, the motivation and energy I’ve gained.

Marta, London

March 2020

I came to Alice after years, even decades of being plagued by mouth ulcers, a troublesome gut and terrible recovery after exercise. I’d been tested for everything under the sun and tried irradiating more or less every type of food allergens there is but with no success.

Alice seems to have almost cured me. Not a single mouth ulcer, or any episode of stomach-ache or sickness. It’s remarkable. My flexibility is greatly improved too.

I feel so much healthier, energised and physically robust. Gone are the days where I lost a week a month to feeling rubbish and performing poorly. Alice, thank you so much. xx

PG Kent

August 2019 - March 2020

I have had the good fortune to meet Alice of Help me Healthy who has assessed my past and resent results and given me realistic diet advise and monitoring whilst introducing curalin into my treatment. With in 4 weeks of taking the herbal supplements and weekly support of Alice my blood levels have dramatically improved whilst my reliance on 4 metformin a day has reduced to one not only has there been massive improvement in my blood but my energy and happiness levels have taken a noticeable up turn, I really feel very positive about this refreshing approach to my Diabetes.

Kevin, Kent

February 2020

Alice is highly professional, knowledgeable, listens well and is empathetic. She gives clear instructions and notes. You can be confident that her advice is sound.

I think it is important to begin this work at the right moment in your life. You need to start at a time that is appropriate to your commitments and you need to commit yourself to the task of following instructions and getting well. It has to be a joint effort.

SG London

Alice kindly sent me her eBook about Diabetes at the weekend. My other half has diabetes and it has recently been out of control, so after reading the eBook which was well written, not too wordy and not a huge book. Which is a bonus for my other half as he is not one to read and take information in. What the e book has enable him to do in just a few days is begin to change his diet by introducing healthy habits. Also it has made him want to do it! I feel this is because the eBook doesn’t overwhelm you with information and it very on point. So a massive thank you xx


Broccoli and Wild Garlic soup

Now is the wild garlic season so get out and see if you can find some. This is so simple and so delicious. I discovered it by mistake when we had 4 heads of broccoli delivered in our veg box along with some wild garlic. Without the wild garlic it is just broccoli soup, add it in and you have a delicious warming bowl of flavour.

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Celeriac remoulade

This is an absolute favourite in our house. I suggest you make the dressing first and use the whole celeriac. It will keep for a couple of days when dressed and is great to have ready in the fridge.

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