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By making simple manageable changes to your food and lifestyle I can help you to age with energy and grace.

With experience as a diabetic nurse and extensive knowledge of thyroid conditions I can truly help you to balance your hormones, increase your energy and feel amazing.


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  • you are tired of feeling tired
  • you regularly crave sugar
  • you want more energy
  • you’d like to lose some weight but it just won’t shift
  • you know your diet could be better/li>
  • you want to stay well
  • you really need help to make a change, you know you won’t do it alone


  • you are not getting the help you desperately need
  • you cannot go on the way you are at present
  • you are struggling with painful or debilitating symptoms
  • you know there are things that you could be doing but
  • you don’t know where to start
  • you already have or suspect chronic health issues such as Thyroid problems, high cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes or pre-diabetic signs and symptoms and need help to feel better


  • Would you like – more energy, easier periods, clearer skin, less bloating/indigestion?
  • Are you – Tired of feeling tired? Struggling to lose weight? Constantly having mood swings?
  • Want better long term health?

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Alice is highly professional, knowledgeable, listens well and is empathetic. She gives clear instructions and notes. You can be confident that her advice is sound.

I think it is important to begin this work at the right moment in your life. You need to start at a time that is appropriate to your commitments and you need to commit yourself to the task of following instructions and getting well. It has to be a joint effort.

SG London

Prior to seeing Alice I had experienced a struggle for over a year with unknown food-related issues, causing predominantly stomach pains and corresponding digestive issues but also severely impacting my mood, energy levels and even relationships. At the point of meeting Alice I had recently been ‘diagnosed’ through kinesiology as having a selection of intolerances – some suspected, some unknown – with a range of severities. I knew to avoid these foods, but I had yet to work out how to incorporate these major changes into my lifestyle and how I could make a change in diet work for me.

Having gone round in circles with the GP and kinesiologist it’s hard to be sure how nutritional therapy would be different. In actual fact I found my work with Alice by far more valuable and genuinely life changing than any of the other options.

Alice is relaxed and fun, and also an expert in her field. She offers practical, real-life solutions to help you make the changes that will help in a method that suits your existing lifestyle. I found her extremely professional and knowledgeable and thoroughly enjoyed talking to and working with her.

I now have a far more holistic understanding of my bodily health. I went to Alice to talk about food intolerances, and our conversation and her advice to me ranged from dietary to lifestyle, mental and physical health.

Alice takes the scary, scientific, medical advice and transforms it into simple, practical life advice that is truly beneficial. She’s also great fun to talk to, a superb listener, and I would highly recommend her to prospective clients.

CB London


Dark and delicious Chocolate Mousse

Here’s a dessert/pudding that doesn’t pile on the pounds and helps keep your blood sugar stable, if you use 85% Green and Black’s it has the least sugar that I have found without being overly bitter.
I haven’t made it to 100% yet but if that’s what you like then go for it – your guests might not be quite so keen!

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Home made Hummus

This is a wonderful healthy protein snack that is such an improvement on shop bought hummus both in taste and content. It takes about 10 minutes to make and lasts 3-4 days in the fridge. Did you know that protein keeps you fuller for longer and you are less likely to...

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Sweet and silky Savoy cabbage

I had this with some friends recently and immediately asked for the recipe. It only takes 10/15 minutes to prepare and cook depending on the quantity. Savoy cabbage is in season in the colder months of the year so this is a delightful comfort food for January and February. Can be vegan, vegetarian or you could add some bacon at the start.

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