Success Stories

“I’ve been struggling with my energy & diet for some time, and thought that I should be feeling far better as I considered myself in “reasonable” shape, despite carrying extra weight.

When I first chatted to Alice & described my situation & answered her questions, she gave me some thoughts on what the issues were, & it was like a lightbulb had come on – she described how I was feeling, and explained the likely causes, and that gave me confidence that she could help me.

I found the weekly check-ins really helpful as I need accountability, and we could assess on a regular basis what was working and what needed tweaking or adding.

Alice has an enormous pool of knowledge and used that to help me start to regain control of my health. I know it took a while to get to where I was and I’ll need to work on things for some time, and I need to continue the lifestyle changes to keep getting healthier, but Alice has made that seem less of a challenge. She is so knowledgeable, supportive and empathetic, and I enjoy working with her. I really recommend her!”

TR, SW London

November 2020

1) What was your biggest concern or challenge about signing up with me before you committed to the programme?

Having tried and failed to lose weight for several years I realised I’d need a more methodical approach. I was fairly confident that working with a nutritionist was the way forward but I still had a small doubt in the back of my mind that I’d fail with this too, or that I’d be a hopeless case.

2) What specifically was your favourite part of the programme and why?

What really worked for me was the gradual approach and positive reinforcement from Alice. It’s the type of encouragement I needed. It felt really quite easy to introduce new habits to my routine (or lack of) and as I felt better and better, had more and more motivation and energy I found it easier and easier. The regular calls were both a reminder and a boost. I found myself looking forward to them, knowing that I’d done well and would be praised for it. On the odd week when I’d had less success I knew I’d receive helpful suggestions and kind reassurances.

3) If you were to recommend me to a close friend what would you say?

I have recommended Alice to my friends. I’ve celebrated being able to get into smaller old clothes (and new ones I’d bought for motivation) by sending selfies to a close group of my friends. I told them about the research, tailored approach and support I received, the 5 kilos I’ve lost, the motivation and energy I’ve gained.

Marta, London

March 2020

I saw a post online from a trusted colleague that Alice was doing a 7 day course entitled ‘Cut the cravings and take better care of yourself’ . At this time I was desperate for help to stop me craving and binge eating sweet things , particularly in the mid afternoon . I knew that I couldn’t continue like this so I decided to sign up for the course. And, boy, I’m so glad I did ….. Alice is a Naturopath and a Nutritionist and is highly knowledgable. She clearly explained the science as to why we crave sweet things and gave us several things to do and / or not do and helpful tools and tips to help stop the cravings .
I learned so much on this course, and it’s made me want to learn more about how to take better care of myself!
Since starting the course I have not had the severe cravings that I had before and , but i now have the tips and tools to help if I do get them ….I feel more positive and I’m looking forward to learning more with Alice.

Mandy, Online


After a 6 monthly blood test with the diabetic nurse I was recalled to see the doctor for a more in-depth review as I had a 72 mmol reading the test (HbA1c blood sugar) was on the 3rd jan.

I have had the good fortune to meet Alice of Help me Healthy who has assessed my past and resent results and given me realistic diet advise and monitoring whilst introducing curalin into my treatment. With in 4weeks of taking curalin and weekly support of Alice my blood levels have dramatically improved whilst my reliance on 4 metformin a day has reduced to one not only has there been massive improvement in my blood but my energy and happiness levels have taken a noticeable up turn, I really feel very positive about this refreshing approach to my Diabetes.

Kevin, Sussex

February 2020

1) What was your biggest concern or challenge about signing up before you committed to working with me?

I was really keen to sign up having tried most other fixes already. I was desperate to find an answer to my weak immune system and as a result my repeated periods of poor work productivity. I was looking for ways to stop my mouth ulcers and abdominal pain/sickness.

2) What specifically was your favourite part of working with me and why?

I enjoyed receiving the additional nutritional knowledge. Supplements are one thing, but discovering the benefits of every day affordable foods which can help with ones health is invaluable.

3) If you were to recommend me to a close friend what would you say?

I’d inform them of my journey and my clear improvements, illustrated by not suffering any mouth ulcers or stomach pain for 6 months (and counting). I’d also make them aware of my vastly improved blood results. I’d reinforce to them how important it is to fuel their body with the correct foods and if required supplements and vitamins. I’d also tell them how easy you are to work with. Online video calls work great. As do texting/emailing/whatsapping medical test results over. It’s really easy and so long as they are honest with you and themselves they will see improvements.

Phil, Kent

March 2020

Alice is highly professional, knowledgeable, listens well and is empathetic. She gives clear instructions and notes. You can be confident that her advice is sound.

I think it is important to begin this work at the right moment in your life. You need to start at a time that is appropriate to your commitments and you need to commit yourself to the task of following instructions and getting well. It has to be a joint effort.

Sue, London

I had slightly raised blood sugars, blood pressure and raised cholesterol and I had put on weight and was not sleeping well.

I had no reservations about discussing my symptoms and working with Alice she immediately put one at one’s ease

Working with Alice was most interesting and very helpful

As a result of following Alice’s advice my blood pressure is now lower I have lost weight and my cholesterol and blood sugar levels are within normal limits.

I would recommend Alice to go to for help and advice. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and professional in her dealings with her clients and as already mentioned puts one at one’s ease.

Anne, Tunbridge Wells

Prior to seeing Alice I had experienced a struggle for over a year with unknown food-related issues, causing predominantly stomach pains and corresponding digestive issues but also severely impacting my mood, energy levels and even relationships. At the point of meeting Alice I had recently been ‘diagnosed’ through kinesiology as having a selection of intolerances – some suspected, some unknown – with a range of severities. I knew to avoid these foods, but I had yet to work out how to incorporate these major changes into my lifestyle and how I could make a change in diet work for me.

Having gone round in circles with the GP and kinesiologist it’s hard to be sure how nutritional therapy would be different. In actual fact I found my work with Alice by far more valuable and genuinely life changing than any of the other options.

Alice is relaxed and fun, and also an expert in her field. She offers practical, real-life solutions to help you make the changes that will help in a method that suits your existing lifestyle. I found her extremely professional and knowledgeable and thoroughly enjoyed talking to and working with her.

I now have a far more holistic understanding of my bodily health. I went to Alice to talk about food intolerances, and our conversation and her advice to my ranged from dietary to lifestyle, mental and physical health.

Alice takes the scary, scientific, medical advice and transforms it into simple, practical life advice that is truly beneficial. She’s also great fun to talk to, a superb listener, and I would highly recommend her to prospective clients.

Catriona, London

March 2019

Sophie attended one of my workshops.

I really liked the intimacy of this workshop, with such a small group it was great that everyone could share their story without feeling judged. I felt comfortable in this environment and I don’t think that would be the case in a bigger group of people.

I think your nursing background is a big plus and I trust Alison too so although I haven’t had an actual one to one appointment with you I would be happy to tell friends about the workshop and what you offer in the way of healing and help. You come across as very understanding and empathetic, which is wonderful for people who are having to lay bare some quite intimate health issues!

Sophie, Kent

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