Working With Me One to One

You can work with me on a 63-day programme which starts with a 2-hour session so that we can get to know each other and I can take a case history which helps me to build a picture of you, your health and your lifestyle.  Once I have taken a case history, we look together at your food and fluid diary and work out ways to introduce new ideas into your everyday life. We draw up a plan together that you can begin to work on over the course of the next 9 weeks.

After the first call, we then speak every week for 20-30 minutes to discuss what you have achieved and what you might need help with and work out the best way of moving forwards.

Before starting work with me Marta said “Having tried and failed to lose weight for several years I realised I’d need a more methodical approach. I was fairly confident that working with a nutritionist was the way forward but I still had a small doubt in the back of my mind that I’d fail with this too, or that I’d be a hopeless case.”

This is what Marta said about the programme “What really worked for me was the gradual approach and positive reinforcement from Alice. It’s the type of encouragement I needed. It felt really quite easy to introduce new habits to my routine (or lack of) and as I felt better and better, had more and more motivation and energy I found it easier and easier. The regular calls were both a reminder and a boost. I found myself looking forward to them, knowing that I’d done well and would be praised for it. On the odd week when I’d had less success I knew I’d receive helpful suggestions and kind reassurances.

Marta worked with me for 8 weeks, she told me “I’ve celebrated being able to get into smaller old clothes (and new ones I’d bought for motivation) by sending selfies to a close group of my friends. I told them about the research, tailored approach and support I received, the 5 kilos I’ve lost, the motivation and energy I’ve gained.”

If you’d like to try this for yourself then please do get in touch for a chat.


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